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Super cool techno track, this is my fabourite of all the songs I've heard of yours.

I bloody love this remix!!!!!!

This is without a doubt, the best poets mix ive herd man, great job. I loved the original, and this really is a special take. Well done war-Bastard, amazing stuff.

WAR-BASTARD responds:

Cheers man! :D

This is bloody excellent!!

I love this mix of Keep The Groovin'! I love the fadding dreamy sounds uve added to the background. only 1 criticism, a few keys towards the end at 2:08, are out of tune to the original, but other than that, i think this is bloody brilliant!

I Don't Mind This! Ave it!!!

I don't mind this remix man! You got it all in tune to the original, and you added some lovely guiter! Love the pace and subtle feel of the track, and i also love the sound choice for the riffs, i think it makes the track stand out. Great job on this remix dude, i'll be looking out for ur music! GRAND UPPER!!! amen.

Great Job Axel!

Love the sound of this remix man, it has an addictive bounce to it. I allso love all the little retro sounds dude! Great job!!

Best Dreamer

Dude, Best Deamer mix to date.

Bloody Brilliant

Absolutely awesome! Great song, love it! My childhood!!!!!

Love that shit

Wicked man! U Curved the mainbassline just like the original, and done the trippy end bit, and somehow pulled it off. Hat Off To Ya, Well Done Bruv.

The name of a guy who you could puke in his car and he'd be cool with it. Steve - dudeee, Nick, I just hurled in your car, sorry! Nick - naw dude, it's cool.

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